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A Message About TARVE


I started TARVE in 2008 as “Ambient New World” an ambient net label. Later in 2009 I incorporated animal rights into the concept and later branched it out and formed “Toronto Animal Rights & Vegan Expo”. Thinking it was only going to be an event, it grew into a whole new grassroots group. Later I shortened it to TARVE, with slogans like “The Voice for Farmed Animals” and “Stop the Killing, Live Vegan”. In 2009 I got the idea of creating a huge yearly event with the same name Toronto Animal Rights & Vegan Expo, and later it was called “Vegan Spring Expo”. The first annual took place in May 2011 and the 2nd took place the following year May 2012. It is unknown if I will continue the these projects as my plans and goals have slightly changed. I will however, continue to be an animal rights activist, author, blogger, motivational speaker etc. for as long as I live. Thank you!


Michael Lanfield, January 2013

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